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1 Mar 2024
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Culture and Traditions

Spring is a wonderful time at Holden Beach!

Bunnies, Easter egg hunts, blooming dogwoods, new pastels, and meaningful church services come to mind for many when thinking about this season leading up to Easter. But another memorable tradition is adding Holden Beach as your backdrop when planning this year’s Easter festivities.

Easter Sunday is just the time when things will be in full bloom on your drive down and as you pass the Holden Beach garden at the foot of the bridge to welcome you to the island! It’s a fantastic season of the year for some quality time.

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Easter Egg Beach Hunt - There are plenty of places around the decks, walkways, and yards as well as in the sand to hide those colorful eggs! (Be sure to avoid the dunes and not to leave any eggs behind!)

Bike Rides – Take a family bike ride along Boulevard or Brunswick Avenue and other back and side roads. If you need to rent a bike, here are a few options.

Water Tour or Taxi – Whether you want a fun way to travel to your dinner reservation or want to treat the family to a sunset cruise, check out Tour H2O.

Relaxing & Reading – Every time of year is a great time to catch up on some good reads and to just hang by the pool, in your favorite beach chair with your toes in the sand or sit looking out at the best view while on the deck or from a cozy spot inside.

Easter Scavenger Hunt – Take your Easter Egg Hunt to the next level for the older “kids.” Create treasure maps and clues to get the whole family involved!

Seafood Feast – You’re free to continue your meal traditions at the beach (Food Lion is nearby!), but what if you swapped out the ham for a seafood boil, shrimp, or fresh fish with sides of locally grown veggies? We love having so many fresh seafood and produce options around here!

Church – Those who prefer the tradition of participating in Easter services can visit local church websites to find out what they have planned.

Seashell Search – There’s nothing better than a leisurely family stroll up and down the shoreline, searching for those treasures left behind as gifts from the sea. You can always turn that into a fun family competition or game. Pick up one of the seashell identification books from a local shop (if there’s not already one in your rental home) and spread out your rinsed-off seashells for an ID session.

Kindred Spirit Mailboxes – You’ve probably heard about the mysterious island mailboxes in Brunswick County. Did you know Holden Beach has three? Have a fun day – or two – as a family searching and finding each, then leave your own handwritten notes in the boxes.

Kite Flying - There's something so nostalgic about flying colorful kites on the beach in these wide-open skies and spaces! Bring your own or pick up one in one of our local shops.

Wildlife Viewing - You may not see many bunnies on the beach, but there’s plenty of beautiful wildlife to look for, to photograph or simply enjoy.

Easter with the Wild Horses -The Wild Horse Preserve at Grace Wynds hosts Eggs & Equines which is their annual Easter fundraiser each spring. It includes an Easter egg hunt with horses, hayrides, pony petting, hand-led pony rides, and a meal!

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The list is endless, but hopefully, this will get you started. Aren’t you excited about planning your spring getaway to our lovely, uncrowded Holden Beach? If you haven't reserved a home yet, you can begin by viewing our wide selection of homes or search by amenty such as those with hot tubs to soak in a spring evening.
We’re just a phone call away if you need ideas or assistance (800-655-3367).

We look forward to seeing you soon... at the beach

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Here are a couple of fun things for the kids to do while planning your vacation, in the car, or while enjoying your amazing Hobbs Realty vacation home! 

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