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What makes Holden Beach so special? It may be the treasured island traditions and culture of our saltwater community. We love exploring and unfolding the stories behind the people, landmarks, food, and festivals of Holden Beach.

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Fall on Holden Beach is such an amazing time of year. Okay, so maybe we say that about every season … but fall truly is a magical time on our island.

As kids return to school and families settle into regular weekly routines, traffic slows...

holden beach oyster roast

We share bushels of Holden Beach autumn traditions! Our southern Brunswick island celebrates all the colors, foods, and festivities of fall! One of our favorite traditions is having an oyster roast. Keep reading for our recommendations on how to host one yourself!

Are you dreamin' of a white Christmas?

Usually about the time the Christmas season rolls round, we’re longing for these warm days of sand between the toes… salty, sunny breezes… and the strands of beach music and ocean waves lapping to shore.

The simplest...

Any season in Holden Beach is a great season, but summer is an amazing time to enjoy our little slice of island paradise. The weather is usually hot and sunny, and there are plenty of places for everyone to enjoy our eight miles of Atlantic shoreline. Check out some of our favorites!

sea turtle holden beach

Every year between May and mid-August, sea turtles find their way to Holden Beach to lay their eggs. Learn more about sea turtles, their annual migration to Holden Beach, and how to help aid sea turtle preservation.

There are many endearing qualities about the south, specifically the coastal south, and the colloquialisms are no exception. We thought this handy reference might be a good resource for you to understand the local lingo. Welcome!


Have you heard about the Holden Beach mailboxes? We think it’s pretty cool that we have THREE of them located on our slice of island paradise and want to help you find them during your next beach vacation!