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1159 Shorely Blessed

In this highly competitive vacation rental market, guests not only want a clean and safe vacation home, but they want a curated experience that allows them to relax and turn off from the outside world. We make it easy with our seamless reservation system, contactless check-in and...

Front of vacation rental home in Holden Beach

Besides partnering with Hobbs Realty to promote, rent, and manage your Holden Beach property, there are things you can do as a property owner to maximize your rental income. Here are our suggestions.

The West End 1366 OBW, Holden Beach Vacation Rental

If you want to help ensure your investment home remains competitive in the vacation rental industry, then you’ll want to consider some purposeful and smart decorating. Here are tips to entice bookings and create a positive guest experience.

Heaven Sent 1285 Pool - Holden Beach Vacation Rental

Year after year, Holden Beach guests are more discerning with their vacation rental selections, and the amenities offered are a huge part of that trend. Here are the some of the top amenities requested.

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