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Thank you for your interest in being part of the awesome Hobbs Realty Vacation Team. While we have a core group of team members, each season we explore candidates for seasonal opportunities with our guest services and housekeeping departments. For full or part-time in-house opportunities, please contact Hobbs Realty. Those interested in summer internships may email

While we accept online vendor interest forms all year, each spring we specifically recruit, review applications, and interview for strong, professional housekeeping and inspector teams. We are excited to review your information, so let’s get started! 

Please note that ALL required fields marked with a * (star) must be filled out for your application to submit. If you do not fill out all of the required * (star) fields, the application will not be sent. 

Seasonal Housekeeping Vendor or Inspector Interest Form

Thank you for considering contracting as a seasonal Housekeeping Vendor or Inspector with Hobbs Realty Vacations. We are excited to review your information, so let's get started! Please complete and submit the Vendor form below. It is our goal to contact you within 5 days of receipt to discuss your interest in being part of our awesome team. We look forward to talking with you soon. 

Housekeeping Vendor Interest Form - Fill Out Online Here

Inspector Interest Form - Fill Out Online Here

Returning Seasonal Housekeeping Contractor

We're thrilled you would like to return as a Seasonal Housekeeping Contractor. Here are the three things we will need from you:

  1. Complete the Returning Housekeeping Vendor Info Interest Form online
  2. Fill out a Cleaning Services Contract and submit to us
  3. Fill out a W-9 and submit to us

Returning Housekeeping Vendor Info - Fill Out Online Here

W-9 and Cleaning Services Contract

Please complete the W-9 and Cleaning Services Contract and submit to Hobbs Realty. Remember to fill out the attached W-9 with your full name, as shown on your social security card. If your contact information and/or address changes at any time, it is your responsibility to notify us in writing. You can submit these documents in any of the following ways:

W-9 Form

Cleaning Services Contract

Payroll Information: Hobbs Realty will issue each vendor a check for cleaning services on Wednesday at 2:00 PM for the previous week's cleaning. A check will be written for each W-9 received. Unless otherwise requested, the pay rate will be divided by the number of team members. Checks will be delayed on holiday weeks.