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What makes Holden Beach so special? It may be the treasured island traditions and culture of our saltwater community. We love exploring and unfolding the stories behind the people, landmarks, food, and festivals of Holden Beach.

Be sure to bookmark this page to learn about our island's history and reflect on great Holden Beach memories!

Every year between May and mid-August, sea turtles find their way to Holden Beach to lay their eggs. Learn more about sea turtles, their annual migration to Holden Beach, and how to help aid sea turtle preservation.

There are many endearing qualities about the south, specifically the coastal south, and the colloquialisms are no exception. We thought this handy reference might be a good resource for you to understand the local lingo. Welcome!

Have you heard about the Holden Beach mailboxes? We think it’s pretty cool that we have THREE of them located on our slice of island paradise and want to help you find them during your next beach vacation!

What is vacation? An intermission in life? Freedom from responsibility and stress? A time to reflect? You deserve a beach vacation in 2021 to refresh your soul and mind.

We made this fun variation of "dirt pudding" dessert — beach style! This is an easy (and tasty activity) to do with kids and uses a Hobbs Realty bucket as a container.

In anticipation of summer, we put together beach-themed coloring pages. These are great activities for your roadtrip or even while staying in your Holden Beach vacation rental.