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Looking for the best restaurants, shopping, and activities in Holden Beach? Word-of-mouth recommendations always work best. We're happy to share the best ways to truly experience our community — whether it's irresistible ice cream, marvelous live music, or fantastic fishing. 

Explore our blogs for the best local recommendations in Holden Beach!

a person's shoes near a golf ball on a Holden Beach golf course

Are you planning your next family vacation to Holden Beach? Though relaxing on the beach and enjoying your favorite meal at a local restaurant likely rank up at the top of your vacation to-do list, we want to make sure you know that Brunswick County...

A plate of food at one of the best restaurants in Holden Beach

When considering your next visit with us, we know meal planning is high on your priority list. We have so many great dining options in our area, but here’s a highlight of some of the best Holden Beach restaurants to enjoy during your next visit.

When considering your next visit to visit us, we bet your favorite Holden Beach seafood restaurants are on your mind. We are fortunate to have amazing seafood restaurants in our area serving fresh, local seafood throughout the year.

For your next seafood dinner at the beach, check out this list of a few local favorites!

Are you dreaming of a fall visit to Holden Beach? Though the weather is starting to cool off just a bit, the days are still warm and sunny, and it still feels great to put your toes in the sand!

As you create your list of things you need for your upcoming relaxing days in Holden Beach, make sure you don’t forget the music!

You might have your beach playlists ready, or access to your favorite music via your favorite satellite or internet stations,...

One of the wonderful things about Holden Beach is that it serves as the backdrop for so many families through the years as they have built meaningful vacation traditions together. While certain landmarks and activities are part of the long-loved fabric of vacation experiences for...

When thinking about a vacation, the first word for some is  R E L A X A T I O N.

But for those seeking excitement...

Vacation = Adventure Time!

Our non-commercial, beautiful eight-mile stretch of white sandy shore is an amazing...


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