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Looking for the best restaurants, shopping, and activities in Holden Beach? Word-of-mouth recommendations always work best. We're happy to share the best ways to truly experience our community — whether it's irresistible ice cream, marvelous live music, or fantastic fishing. 

Explore our blogs for the best local recommendations in Holden Beach!

Seafood Boil

You’ll love taking advantage of the kitchen in your vacation rental to prepare meals from amazing local seafood markets and produce stands. Amazing seafood experience, coming right up!

Cappucino by the Sea Pottery

While we always hope our guests can enjoy bright, sunny skies during their Holden Beach vacation, unfortunately sometimes you end up with a rainy or cloudy day. We thought we would share some of our favorite rainy day activities in and around the area.

Old Baldy Lighthouse

North Carolina is known for its beautiful lighthouses speckled along the coast. Perhaps the next time you come to stay with us in Holden Beach will be the perfect time to plan a fun lighthouse day trip! We’re proud to say that two of...

Enjoying some quiet time by the ocean is one of our favorite ways to unwind here in Holden Beach, and we know it’s also a favorite of many visitors. There’s just something about the rhythmic sound of the waves and the feel of the salt air on your skin. Here's how you can take that relaxed beach feeling a step further as you enjoy some yoga during your beach vacation.

Trout Fishing in Holden Beach

Like many other saltwater species, trout can be found year-round in Holden Beach, though they are especially prevalent in early fall to later winter. Follow along with Hobbs Realty guest Marshall Geho, who coordinates his annual beach visit with the arrival of trout.

breakfast foods

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite breakfast spots in and around Holden Beach so you can get each day of your vacation started on the right foot – before you put your toes into the sand and water!

Planning a memorable vacation always involves planning good food! Though you can often find fish tacos on the menu at seafood restaurants, sometimes you just want an authentic dinner at one of your favorite Holden Beach Mexican restaurants.

We have one great option right here on the Holden Beach Causeway, and two other delicious options nearby in Shallotte. Check them out!


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