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If you aren’t from a coastal area, you may not know exactly what tides are or why they are important. So, we hope you find this Tides 101 crash course helpful!

holden beach sunglasses

Happy New Year! We're sharing our top 20 goals for 2020, as well as our top 20 blogs from the past year. We hope our list helps make your goals a reality!

Holden Beach Shells

Some of the best beachcombing can be done in the winter. Holden Beach is quieter, the ocean is still beautiful, and fewer visitors are competing for the best shells along the shore.

Golden Retriever Dog on Beach in North Carolina

Hobbs Realty is thrilled when we receive requests to make reasonable accommodations for Service Dogs and Assistance Animals. So let's talk about what that really means when it comes to bringing service animals and pets on your Holden Beach vacation.