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Have you heard about the Holden Beach mailboxes? We think it’s pretty cool that we have THREE of them located on our slice of island paradise and want to help you find them during your next beach vacation!

a second helping - hobbs realty holden beach

A Second Helping is a volunteer organization that collects our guests’ vacation groceries as they leave the island. Not only does this save you the hassle of hauling vacation food home with you, but it helps the community you love as well!

Old Baldy Lighthouse

North Carolina is known for its beautiful lighthouses speckled along the coast. Perhaps the next time you come to stay with us in Holden Beach will be the perfect time to plan a fun lighthouse day trip! We’re proud to say that two of...

One of the wonderful things about Holden Beach is that it serves as the backdrop for so many families through the years as they have built meaningful vacation traditions together. While certain landmarks and activities are part of the long-loved fabric of vacation experiences for...