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Enjoying some quiet time by the ocean is one of our favorite ways to unwind here in Holden Beach, and we know it’s also a favorite of many visitors. There’s just something about the rhythmic sound of the waves and the feel of the salt air on your skin. Here's how you can take that relaxed beach feeling a step further as you enjoy some yoga during your beach vacation.

sea turtle holden beach

Every year between May and mid-August, sea turtles find their way to Holden Beach to lay their eggs. Learn more about sea turtles, their annual migration to Holden Beach, and how to help aid sea turtle preservation.

There are many endearing qualities about the south, specifically the coastal south, and the colloquialisms are no exception. We thought this handy reference might be a good resource for you to understand the local lingo. Welcome!


Everyone loves a bonus, right?!

Around here, we’re blessed with a bonus summer season. After the gloriously hot days of June – August, when kids of all ages head back to classrooms and textbooks, Holden Beach, NC is perfect for stretching out those warm-weather getaways...


With the beauty of our island, you can’t go wrong with any pictures you snap while you enjoy your Holden Beach vacation. Check out this list of some of our favorite Insta-worthy places to get you started for great photographs!