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Staying healthy has never been more important. Your fitness efforts do not have to come to a halt when you visit Holden Beach. In fact, there are many fun, beachy ways to stay in shape.

Fall on Holden Beach is such an amazing time of year. Okay, so maybe we say that about every season … but fall truly is a magical time on our island.

As kids return to school and families settle into regular weekly routines, traffic and...

Is your family preparing to enjoy your annual Holden Beach vacation soon? Kids of all ages will want to enjoy fun games and toys while enjoying the sunshine, saltwater, and sand! Check out this list of our favorite beach toys, including some bonus Hobbs Tips!

Are you planning a trip to Holden Beach that includes someone who needs wheelchair accessibility? There are a variety of wheelchair-friendly public beach accesses, waterway accesses, and parking located throughout our island.

Please note that accessibility can change due to weather and sand conditions, but...