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Saturday September 8, 2018 @ 4:30PM

Our eyes are on Florence (we suggest NOAA for storm tracking) watching for any possible effects our area may receive. Just to be on the safe side we urge you to take a minute to view this Rip Current video and...

Saturday, September 8, 2018 @ 9:30AM
Right now it is sunny and hot here on beautiful Holden Beach with beach-goers enjoying their late summer vacations.
No travel advisories have been issued for our area and it is a normal check-in day at Hobbs Realty.
Rest assured we are...
hat and open book on sandy beach
There’s still plenty of time to squeeze in some fun summer reading with our toes in the sand. While spending time on our eight-mile island, don’t forget to sneak out to the deck, pool, or shore and escape into a good book.
southern hospitality at holden beach nc
There’s an art and a heart to Southern hospitality. Discover where that phrase originated, what it means, and how we incorporate "Hobbspitality" into our business — and your beach trip.
Hobbs Vacation Checklist teaser
Are you ready for a summer getaway to beautiful Holden Beach, NC? Whether you want to spend your days surfing or reading on the beach (or both), we've compiled a list of tips and reminders to help plan a great vacation.