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12 Sep 2019
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Helping Hands

Throughout the year we remain eternally grateful for the opportunity to live, work, and play in this beautiful place called Holden Beach, NC. We never take the pink-painted skies from the crest of the bridge or the day-to-day ebbs and flows of the Atlantic for granted.

It’s one of the reasons we appreciate the thoughts and prayers of so many when our island faces the challenges of coastal weather from time to time. Most recently, Hobbs Realty and Holden Beach were blessed that the brunt of Dorian remained off our coast, only kicking up sand and leaving us well hydrated. The folks in Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands didn’t fare as well and we want to help.

We’re locking arms with Michael Lucas and his Mike’s Footprints outreach to help provide housing relief for those residents in need. Won’t you join us?

About Mike's Footprints

Mike’s Footprints is a non-profit which has become boots on the ground following natural disasters to help more vulnerable places rebuild, often beautiful places Mike’s folks have enjoyed vacationing. They want to make a mark in creating restorative history, and so do we.

We stand amazed at the generosity and thoughtfulness of our property owners and guests and we’re happy to invite you to help us help our coastal Caribbean neighbors to the south. Donate directly to Mike’s Footprints for Hurricane Dorian relief (type your designation in the notes section) and know your assistance will be appreciated by those in need for months to come. Another beautiful thing is you’ll actually receive a lovely piece of art when you select your donation amount.

Learn More About Mike's Footprints