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11 Feb 2021
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The salty air starts heating up this time of year at Holden Beach, the days are becoming longer with more sunshine to spare, but the water can still be a bit nippy for vacationers of all ages.

No worries! The heat is on with Hobbs Realty.

Hobbs Realty makes a big splash with beautiful vacation homes which offer such spectacular heated pools as these. Can’t you just imagine you and your family enjoying some much-needed sun therapy with the added warmth of your own private, heated pool? Sounds like the perfect vacation no matter the temps outside!

Hobbs Tip: Beach rental homes book really quickly this time of year, so if you’re ready to jump into warm luxury, you’ll make a big splash with your family when you book with Hobbs Realty today.

Check Out These Vacation Rentals with Heated Pools!

Dreams Come Blue - 563 OBW

563 OBW Pool 563 OBW

Breaker's Edge - 395 OBW

395 OBW Heated Pool 395 OBW Holden Beach Vacation Rental

Beech to Beach - 1311 OBW

1311 OBW - Heated Pool 1311 OBW - Holden Beach Vacation Rental

Shore to Please - 1159 OBW

1159 OBW - Heated Pool 1159 OBW - Holden Beach Vacation Rental

Sea'z The Dream - 1363 OBW

1363 OBW - Heated Pool 1363 OBW - Holden Beach Vacation Rental

Out Of The Blue - 321 OBW

321 OBW Holden Beach Pool 321 OBW Holden Beach

A Southern Breeze - 373 OBW

373 OBW Holden Beach 373 OBW Holden Beach

Sea Salt - 537 OBW

537 OBW Holden Beach 537 OBW Holden Beach

Salty Pink Flamingo - 603 OBW

603 OBW Holden Beach 603 OBW Holden Beach

Cat's Meow - 699 OBW

699 OBW Holden Beach 699 OBW Holden Beach

Southern Belle - 733 OBW

733 OBW Holden Beach 733 OBW Holden Beach

The West End - 1366 OBW

1366 OBW Holden Beach 1366 OBW Holden Beach

Holden 5 - 1032 Tide Ridge Drive

1032 Tide Ridge Drive Holden Beach 1032 Tide Ridge Drive Holden Beach