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26 May 2021
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Everyone loves a bonus, right?!

Around here, we’re blessed with a bonus summer season. After the gloriously hot days of June – August, when kids of all ages head back to classrooms and textbooks, Holden Beach, NC is perfect for stretching out those warm-weather getaways during the early fall months.

We thought you might appreciate knowing about a additional extra tidbits that that locals enjoy. Happy bonus day!

Did You Know?

1. Fall really is a great time to visit as guests get the best of both worlds – warm days and perfect water temps, with cooler evenings and those magnificent autumn sunsets we’re known for... purple-and-pink-sunsetstretching out like a canvas of deep hues of orange, pink, and purple across the skies of the Atlantic, Intracoastal Waterway, and marshes. Breathtaking! Hobbs Tip: Have a designated passenger in the right front or back seat to catch the sunset from the top of the Holden Beach bridge as you slowly drive back on the island.

2Did you know there are several parks on the island to enjoy? One is Bridgeview Park on the ICW behind Town Hall which includes not only the magnificent ICW view of the Holden Beach bridge, but also basketball courts, tennis/pickleball courts, a waterpark for kids, a picnic shelter, and even a boat dock which can be reserved. The other one is a cool local favorite on the end of Sailfish, complete with a small white sandy beach, picnic tables, and lovely shade trees to enjoy cool breezes off the water while others cast a line for a little fishing.

3. If you’ve ever wondered about the path leading to the raised wooded land you saw when walking or driving along four streets on the ICW side of the island (Boyd St., Sand Dollar Drive, Heron Landing Wynd, and Sailfish Rd.), they are dykes often referred to by locals as the Holden Beach levees. The overgrown areas are usually accessible by a dirt path and provide great views for the adventurous who jog or walk their dogs up there. 

lockwood-folly-golf-course4. Whether you want a fun game of miniature golf with the family, to practice your drive, or to enjoy 18 holes of golf, we’re fortunate to have mini golf courses, a driving range, and a lovely course along the Lockwood Folly River and ICW right here in our back yard. Read all things golf here.

5. You don’t have to go far to feel like you’ve escaped to a remote island somewhere. You can rent a house in the gated West End and walk down to the very western point of the island to the Shallotte River inlet. Or rent a gorgeous vacation spot on the eastern end of the island, or park as far down as you can in the dirt public parking lot on the East End, and walk to the Lockwood's Folly Inlet between Holden Beach and Oak Island. And the Intracoastal Waterway is just around the corner another short walk. Grab a spot to cast a fishing line, picnic, or just relax in the sun and read a good book. So peaceful!

6. Horse lovers can contact the Wild Horse Preserve at Grayce Wynds to make an appointment to learn all about the wild horses of NC and the East Coast through education and recreation.


7. The 700-foot-long Holden Beach Pier is a must for catching a romantic sunrise or sunset or for some good fishing for causal beginners or the seasoned serious (snacks and bait inside). It’s $1.00 for walking and $9.00 for fishing.

8. TourH2O provides a cool taxi service or coastal pontoon or kayak tours of the beautiful Brunswick islands through tranquil creeks and estuaries. USCG licensed captains guide the tours away from the heavier ICW boat traffic.

9. To catch a glimpse of the vintage coastal life, drive over to Varnamtown, situated on the Lockwood Folly River (or Lockwood's as commonly referenced) just minutes away, and follow Varnamtown Road all the way to the end to the boat landing to a favorite stop that locals call Honey’s Place. There’s a grassy parking area on the left, a fresh seafood house, a picnic shelter, and a great view of the classic shrimp boats and other fishing rigs.

10. For a small beach town, Holden Beach doesn’t shy away from fun festivals and events, including Days at the Docks the last weekend in April, the Festival by the Sea the last full weekend of October, the Summer Concert Series under the bridge on Sunday evenings, turtle watches, Turtle Talks, and various live music at the area restaurants. 

There’s so much more to discover at Holden Beach - and Hobbs Realty would love to help you find the perfect place to stay. It may just be one of the best bonuses you’ve ever received!

See ya’ at the beach!