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31 Aug 2023
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Weather Updates

Greetings from your #Hobbspitality vacation team! We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are diligently monitoring Idalia's progress and any effect it may have on beautiful Holden Beach.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, which we find to be the most reliable source for coastal weather information, we expect the rain to stop by the afternoon, gradually becoming sunny.

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Current Probable Path

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Holden Beach is currently under a Tropical Storm Warning. Please be assured, that we are diligently monitoring Idalia's progress through NOAA.

We will continue to monitor the Town of Holden Beach website for possible bridge closures and Brunswick County Emergency Services for potential local road closures.

Holden Beach Webcam

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Perched atop the Hobbs Realty office, our state-of-the-art webcam offers a perfect live-stream view of Holden Beach's weather conditions and surf. Check back regularly to see the latest conditions in real-time! The webcam is only operable with a working internet connection.

What Is a King Tide?

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While there is plenty of lore surrounding a full moon, it does wield a significant effect, but only on the ocean's tides. Hurricane Idalia is expected to bring rain and wind, and is also arriving with a King tide.

King tides are unusually high tides that take place during a full or new moon. With both occurring at the same time, Holden Beach could see a higher likelihood of flooding along the canal, marsh, and waterway. Please be aware that some streets may become impassible.

For Our Current Guests

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In light of the current weather forecast, we kindly ask that you please:

  • Please secure your rolling carts by moving them underneath the cottage or outdoor shower.
  • Turn over porch rockers and secure any plastic furniture susceptible to the winds in the outside shower or storage area (if available).
  • Stack pool loungers and chairs, and close any umbrellas.
  • Secure and lock all doors and windows.
  • For homes with elevators, please call them to the top floor.

Rainy beach days are fabulous for naps and family game days, but if you want to venture out, we anticipate you will need a rain jacket or umbrella. If you didn't pack an umbrella, please stop by our office and pick one up - remember, everything looks better under the Hobbs Umbrella!

Please don't hesitate to reach out, we are happy to help in any way.

Safe Travels,

Your #Hobbspitality Vacation Team

For Our Arriving Guests

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We are diligently monitoring Idalia's progress through NOAA, and our current Saturday forecast shows sunny skies and a high of 83° - perfect beach weather!

There are no reported road or bridge closures at this time. We will continue to monitor the Town of Holden Beach for possible bridge and island road closures and Brunswick County Emergency Services for potential local road closures.

Safe Travels,

Your #Hobbspitality Vacation Team

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