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17 Nov 2020
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Culture and Traditions

The #Hobbspitality team is counting our blessings this year at Holden Beach! We are grateful for….

Hobbs Realty family on the beach

1. Family

2. The blessing of true friendships

3. Our front-row view of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean

4. Over 43 years of working with amazing owners, guests, and vendors – many of whom have become long-time friends

5. The best sunrises and sunsets on the East Coast

6. Eight miles of white sandy shoreline to walk and explore

Thats It Three - Holden Beach Vacation Rental

7. A beautiful island that provides the perfect place to retreat and escape the concerns of the world

8. Daily gifts of treasures all around us, whether found in rare shell finds during our beachcombing, witnessing loggerhead turtles clamor towards the ocean, encountering kind and interesting people from all over the world, or marveling at dolphin sightings while gulls glide overhead

9. The sound of lapping waves

10. The fingerprint of God across the beautiful Holden Beach waterscapes

Beautiful colorful sunset on Holden Beach