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1 Feb 2022
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Ocean & Beach Information


Although our guests to Holden Beach have ample parking for the capacity of the Hobbs Realty vacation rental they're staying in, other guests to the island may need to know about public parking. Visit the Town of Holden Beach's information page for complete information and the full list of designated parking here.

As of May 1, 2022, the Town has implemented Pay-to-Park in Holden Beach to be enforced 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily with free parking before and after that time. All parking will use license plates for verification. Parking rates for a single vehicle in all designated areas will be $3 per hour for up to four hours; $15 per day for any duration greater than four hours; and $60 per week for seven consecutive days. Per ordinance, there is no parking on the streets or rights-of-way except in designated parking spaces identified by Pay-to-Park signs. NOTE: QR-codes lon the parking signs can be scanned for access to Parking is free October 28, 2022 - April 30, 2023.

Here’s a quick and convenient overview of a few of the main public parking options on Holden Beach: 

Under the Holden Beach Bridge

In addition to public restrooms and a boat launch, the largest area for public parking is conveniently located under the bridge. The public beach access is at the end of Jordan Boulevard.

Bridgeview Park 

Bridgeview Park at 124 Davis Street on Holden Beach has a few public parking spaces for those who want to use the transient docks, kayak launch, splash pad, picnic shelter, or the multipurpose courts (bocce, basketball, volleyball, and pickleball).

East End

East End of Ocean Boulevard East - When you follow OBE all the way east, it splits into McCray Street just past Blockade Runner Drive to the left. Straight ahead, McCray ends on a gravel road down to the dunes. You can park along the gravel dead-end road.

East End parking

Avenue D  - Ocean Blvd East splits into McCray Street just past Blockade Runner Drive to the left. Continue on McCray, and just past Dunescape, there’s a parking lot on the right (with a beach access) just before the gravel road public parking at the East End. 

Ocean Boulevard East at the end of Avenue A / McCray Street  - When you follow OBE all the way east, it splits into McCray Street just past Blockade Runner Drive to the left. Take a right on Avenue B and take a right on Ocean Boulevard East. There is parking and beach access for the public on the right at the end of Avenue A and McCray Street.

Parking Ave A

Ferry Road - Heading east on Ocean Boulveard, just past 162 Ocean Boulevard (Winding River Clubhouse & Pool) at the end of Ferry Road, there is a public parking lot and beach access on the right.

114 Ocean Boulevard  -  From the bridge heading east, just past Quinton Street on the left and 112 OBE on the right, there is public handicapped parking lot with beach access.

West End

785 Ocean Boulevard West - Heading west from the bridge,  just past 762 OBW and the marsh on the right, there is a public parking lot on the right, including a handcapped space.


Please see the boat access section below.


Under the Bridge

There is a public boat launch conveniently located under the Holden Beach Bridge.

Bridgeview Park

A public transient dock is located at Bridgeview Park (125 Davis Street, Holden Beach) and can be used for overnight dockage with a reservation. It includes a public kayak launch (and has pump-out , electrical, and water, along with showers and laundry facilities for boaters).

Sailfish Park

Located at 188 Sailfish Street, Holden Beach, Sailfish Park is a lovely public area with picnic tables under the trees and one of the Kindred Spirit mailboxes, as well as a small beach area perfect for launching a paddle board or kayak, as well as fishing.

Varnamtown - Honey's Place (Garland's Seafood)

A public boat launch is located in nearby Varnamtown (2 Fisherman Rd, Supply). 

Please carefully follow the signage for parking and avoid parking in the Varnamtown resident lot:

  • Lot 1 is for Varnamtown residents only.

  • Lot 2 is a private paid-parking lot only. 

  • Lot 3 is a public parking lot located the farthest away from the ramp.

Brown's Landing

You can be dropped off at the very end of Stone Chimney Road (3999 Stone Chimney Rd SW, Supply) to launch a paddleboard or kayak (and enjoy beautiful sunsets on the waterway).


Holden Beach Marina

3238 Pompano St SW, Supply | Phone: (910) 842-5447

Burton's Storage

2707 Holden Beach Rd SW, Supply | Phone: (910) 617-3880

Lockwood Folly Boat & RV Storage

2505 Stone Chimney Rd SW, Supply | Phone: (919) 453-3037


There is an electric auto charging station on Jordan Boulevard between the bridge and public beach access.


Public Wi-Fi is available at the Holden Beach Pavilion, Town Hall, and Bridgeview Park.