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Holden Beach is more than just a vacation destination, it’s a community. Feel a part of our family and join us for one of the many Holden Beach events. Throughout the summer, the town hosts weekly summer concerts and “Turtle Talks,” as well as the North Carolina Festival by the Sea every fall. Nearby events also include various festivals, weekly farmers’ markets, fishing tournaments, art shows and more!

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the carolina breakers
08/01/2021 - 6:30pm
(910) 842-6488

Enjoy a free concert by the Carolina Breakers at the Pavilion under the Holden Beach Bridge! Five lead vocalists and a horn section comprise The Carolina Breakers, featuring Motown, funk, rhythm and blues, disco, and beach music.

jim quick and coastline
08/08/2021 - 6:30pm
(910) 842-6488

Join us for a Jim Quick & Coastline concert at the Pavilion under the Holden Beach Bridge. Jim Quick was born and raised in deep Carolina and plays an eclectic blend of soul, rock 'n roll, and blues.

the embers craig woolard
08/15/2021 - 6:30pm
(910) 842-6488

Join us for a free concert by The Embers, an inductee to the South Carolina Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame and the South Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame. The show will take place at the Pavilion under the Holden Beach Bridge ad features the "heart and soul of beach music," Craig Woolard!

too much sylvia
08/15/2021 - 6:30pm
(910) 842-6488

Attend a free concert by Too Much Sylvia at the Holden Beach Pavilion. The cover band features four lead vocalists who can cover nearly every vocal style, and they have a fantastic ability to "feel the mood" of a performance.

the entertainers band
08/22/2021 - 6:30pm
(910) 842-6488

Join us for a performance by The Entertainers as part of the 2021 Summer Concert Series. Founded in 1980, The Entertainers play original R&B beach music, as well as Top 40, classic rock 'n rock, and country music.