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#Hobbspitality Property Manager/Broker


Jimmy Hobbs was born in Whiteville, North Carolina and raised on a Columbus County farm. Even though his education started in the small community of Hallsboro and expanded to Southeastern Community College and UNCW-Wilmington, Jimmy’s most important education probably came alongside his father as they built their family business – Hobbs Realty - literally from the ground up. Over 40 years of growing a business through the decades of traditions and changes have taught Jimmy much about hard work, endurance, relationships, faithfulness, technology, and how to master wearing the Hawaiian shirt for nearly every occasion. Jimmy is affectionately known as the  Captain and enters the office with the rush of the ocean wind, filling the rooms with his wit, ponderings, ideas, windblown curls, and sunglasses…..always the sunglasses.

Best Part of Hobbs Realty: I love to help people discover Holden Beach and enjoy a beach vacation and family time – and to see people truly relax and unwind. I marvel at what our staff does – often in my absence! Yes, I oversee things, but with a lot of gratitude and a love for delegation.

After Hours:  Plenty of playtime with the grandkids and time with my extended family  - which includes breaking lots of bread together! I read and help with many church activities and ministries that pull at my heart. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day.

Pursuits: Spend more time with my family and grandkids, and to pass along the things I hold so dear to the next generation. I want to travel to see more of God’s creation …….and learn how to play golf.

Alternate Dream Job: Food tasting on the Food Network

Something Others May Not Know:  I could live off chocolate (and Sundrop - I really am trying to quit). I also really love palm trees on Holden Beach There were very few when we arrived on the island, so we purchased 60 palm trees about four years later, and planted them at an oceanfront miniature golf course we owned Every single one of them died. I’ve learned a lot about those trees since then!

Inspired By: Rachele – it’s good to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration of your wife. Her plans, schedules, and ideas serve as great motivators!

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – Matthew 7:12