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#Hobbspitality Vacation Whiz


Born in Lynchburg, VA, Crystal Marie moved with her mom and two brothers to Burlington, NC when she was about 11 years old. Her dream of moving to the beach finally happened in 2005, and Crystal Marie has enjoyed raising her two daughters amongst the sand and surf.

Growing up, Crystal Marie would often tag along in the summers with her older sister, pulling up a chair and imitating her work as a receptionist. She has an Office Administration degree under her belt and most of her career has been in the hospitality industry. She joined the #Hobbspitality team in 2013, which has been a perfect fit and pleasure for her to work with guests to create and plan memorable vacations. Crystal Marie also enjoys supporting various team projects with her ever-expanding skill set. She loves helping out in every department from  #Hobbspitality to Financials - and everything in between!

Best Part of Hobbs Realty: My genuinely kind coworkers. Everyone here is so caring and it is a joy to work with them. 

After Hours: At the top of my list are outdoor activities like camping, swimming, hiking, and kayaking, as well as traveling and discovering new places. 

Pursuits: To one day (soon) travel to other countries, starting with Denmark and Switzerland.

Alternate Dream Job: A consignment/thrift store owner. I love finding gems amongst the plunder!

Something Others May Not Know: I’m very fond of animals and have had many different pets throughout my life. I used to breed chihuahuas for many years and even had a pet flying squirrel! 

Inspired By: Good music with positive vibes that sends a positive message.

“Life is short and time is fast. There’s no replay or rewind, so enjoy every moment as it comes.”

- Unknown