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Field Maintenance


Nic, born in Ohio, ventured down to the shore on vacation with his family at two years old and basically never left.  And that’s when his love affair with the ocean began. His work experience ranges from the restaurant industry to retail, and then from construction and tattoos to surfing and painting. He arrived at Hobbs Realty in 2013, fell in love at first sight with the oldest Hobbs daughter, Tiffany, and convinced her to marry him in 2017.  He considers himself as a smiling, problem-solving member of the Hobbs Realty team, doing whatever is needed.

Best Part of Hobbs Realty:  The team aspect of the respectful, encouraging staff

After Hours:  I chase my young son, worship Jesus, and surf whenever possible.

Pursuits: Working hard on being a spiritual leader of my household, testifying to the power and freedom a personal relationship with Christ offers

Alternate Dream Job: Ministry

Something Others May Not Know: I’m probably about 7 feet tall with my hair standing straight up. (Seriously, Too Tall Nic loves little animals.)

Inspired By: I’m constantly inspired by the individuals who are willing to invest in their community to better others’ lives simply out of a love for God and country.

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” – John 13:35