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18 Jul 2017
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Help Holden Beach Sea Turtles Survive

Holden Beach is one of many coastal towns that works hard to aid sea turtle preservation. Our goal is to help sea turtles survive, and one of the best ways to do that is by educating the general public. Interested in making a difference in Holden Beach? Join our community every week in July and August for Turtle Talk! 

Turtle Talk is a weekly educational session held at the Holden Beach Town Hall every Wednesday at 7:00PM. All ages are welcome to these meetings so please bring along the entire family! You can expect to become educated on sea turtle life cycles and how to help their preservation. Each session includes a short video presentation, followed by a question and answer segment. Several turtle artifacts are on display for participants to view and informational handouts are available to take home. There isn’t an admission charge for Turtle Talk, but donations are appreciated! All donations support the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol; a volunteer, non-profit conservation organization that’s been monitoring and protecting the sea turtle population at Holden Beach since 1989. 

According to the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol, there are 37 nests and 2,474 known eggs currently at Holden Beach. And just recently, on July 17th, 21 hatchlings from one of the nests made it to the ocean! It’s wonderful to know that new sea turtles are making it across the beach safely, and Holden Beach wants to continue helping future turtles with your support! What can you do to preserve our town’s sea turtles?

Sea Turtle Safety Tips:

If you see laying nests or injured/stranded turtles and nests: Call the Turtle Patrol at 910-754-0766. 

If you’re living or renting out an oceanfront property: Turn off all lights and close blinds and drapes that face the ocean. This is especially important if you’re in an oceanfront property from May through October. 

If you’re walking on the beach at night: Use a red filtered flashlight to keep from disrupting nesting sea turtles or their hatchlings. Not sure where to get one? You can pick up red flashlight covers at our office for free! 

If you’re walking the beach at any time: Pick up any trash you see, especially plastic! 

If you spot sea turtles on the beach at night: Do not use flash cameras or shine a light on them. 

If you find a mother sea turtle: Do not touch, follow, or make noises around her. Mothers can be easily scared and may go back into the ocean without laying eggs.

If you’re digging holes at the beach: Cover them up before nightfall, as they can trap turtles and cause accidents to Turtle Patrol ATV riders in the early morning. 

If you bring umbrellas and chairs to the beach: Take them back home after you leave the beach. This allows a clear path for mother turtles to lay their nests at night. 

Ready to help our Holden Beach sea turtles nest safely for years to come? Stop by the next Turtle Talk session to make an impact in our community!