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8 Jun 2017
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Makin' Waves on Holden Beach

Families can build lifelong memories while surfing

Nic Wilson remembers oh so well that first experience as a two-year-old boy visiting the beach for the first time with his family from Ohio. As he stood in the shallow waters of the ocean with his mom, a wave knocked him down and he scurried to stand again, spitting out salt and sand, proclaiming to his mom, "Do it again!" At that moment his love affair with the ocean began.
The heart of the newly launched Southern Surf Academy stems from that ingrained love for, passion with, and respect for the ocean and Nic's desire to inspire the same in others. After his family relocated to North Myrtle Beach, Nic has since lived, surfed, and instructed off all of the Brunswick Islands, and settled in Holden Beach in 2011, where he also fell in love with the natural beauty and lifestyle of our area.

Southern Surf Academy, headquartered in Holden Beach, has assembled highly experienced local surfers who want to share their expertise with people of all ages, locally or while vacationing, so that they may experience the ocean for themselves in a completely new way. Whether their goal is to simply become familiar and comfortable with the water and waves, or they're seeking serious instructive training to become self-sufficient over time and exposure, Southern Surf can help you to fulfill your surfing goals!
Academy instructors are constantly scouring the Brunswick County beaches for the best places to surf, not only for the waves, but the ideal locale for instruction. So the cool thing is the Southern Surf Academy can come to you at your beachfront home or you can meet the instructors at that day's recommended location, based on their careful assessment of wind, tide, and surf conditions. And each session is customized for exactly what your family members need. 

What sets Southern Surf apart from other area surf camps is it can be much more than just riding waves on a surfboard. They can help a beginner to get a taste of the ocean and board by surfing with you, and provide the tools to develop a skill-set to pursue surfing for years to come. Surf sessions are usually 1-2 hours for private lessons and 1-3 hours for group instruction, but packages vary. Both locals and visitors may consider the advantages of bundled surf lessons since multiple sessions help break bad habits as the skill-set is developed, and provide an opportunity to develop a trusted relationship with the instructor. Trust is key for someone to grow comfortable enough to express his or her fears and goals so that the instruction may be customized especially for the surfer-in-training. 

"Our Academy is created to be a very personal experience," explains company founder Nic.  "There are always varying obstacles to learn how to identify and push through, such as wind, equipment, navigating the waves, or water hesitancies. One of our greatest joys is watching that novice learn how to overcome those obstacles, gain confidence, and to suddenly see the ocean as navigable. That comfort and excitement lead to a sincere interest and, hopefully, a lifelong passion." 

And the good news for visitors? Those who are hooked on the waves after a day or a week of surfing can stay connected to the Academy as it's structured to develop experienced surfers and immerse them into the surf culture. Stay connect via social media, email or phone to continue learning about local surf spots, equipment, forecasting, reading swells and wind charts, and even taking a peek at the Atlantic via the 

Hobbs Realty Weather Webcam.  Nic, who is committed to enhancing a supportive surf community, reminds us that surfers are also watermen (and women) and weathermen (and women). "God created the ocean, but also the capacity for us to learn and enjoy it."  

So, surf's up! Grab a board and plan to finally experience the waves from a new perspective for a day, plan out your customized package to grow into a fully-developed surfer, or continue your training or contest prep while on vacation. Experience something new individually or as a family! 

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