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2 Escape 265 OBW
A Beach Haven 411 OBWA Great Escape 703 OBWA Herd of Turtles 965 OBW
A Shell of a Place 651 OBWA Sunspot II 593 OBWA Tig Na Mara 1132 OBW
Abalone 839 OBWAble II 817 OBWAdventure 649 OBW
Adventure 767 OBWAdventure I 661 OBWAfter Hugo 557 OBW
Albemarle 1031 OBWAll That Jazz 1331 OBWAlmost Heaven 1317 OBW
Aloha 625 OBWAloha Too 1252 OBWAlways Chillin' 129 Ferry Rd
Amuse Me 428 OBWAnderson Cottage 551 OBWAsgard 989 OBW
B.I. Beach Club 329 a OBWB.I. Beach Club 329 B OBWBarefoot by the Sea 110 by the Sea
Barefootin' 751 OBWBeach Daze 639 OBWBeach Pair a Dice 627 OBW
Beachy Keen 986 OBWBee Holden 893 OBWBeech To Beach 1311 OBW
Bel Chateau 554 OBWBenvenuto 1359 OBWBig Deal 1207 OBW
Big Water 112 SeagullBlame It on the View 113 OBWBlue Heron 1227 OBW
Boardwalk 645 OBWBombay 697 OBWBreaker's Edge 395 OBW
Breezy Point 358 Serenity
Captains Choice 1133W OBWCarolina Calm 112 ShellCarolina Memories 1039 OBW
Carolina Peach 611 OBWCarpenter 591 OBWCasa Del Mar 660 OBW
Cat's Meow 699 Unit E OBWCavalier-Keydet 677 OBWCoble Cottage 326 Serenity
Cockle Shell 527 OBWCoral Relief 605 OBWCozy Inn 979 OBW
Crabby Creek 115 Lumberton StCraig Cottage 1250 OBWCu @ the Beach 175 OBW
Double D 313 Windswept WayDouble Son Shine 109 DealDreams Come Blue 563OBW
Driggers 829 OBW
East Palm Beach 230 OBEEden West 1281W OBWElegant Egret 1119 OBW
Fools Paradise 133 TarponFour Seasons 797 OBW
Goins by the Sea 1289A OBWGone Fishin' 112 CharlotteGood Karma 436 OBW
Griffith's Quay 985 OBW
Happy Crab 1306 OBWHappy Ours 117 Charlotte StHeaven Sent 1285 OBW
Holden 4 Kids 709 OBWHolden Aces 513 OBWHolden Dreams 1299 OBW
Holden Heaven 617 OBWHolden Peach 531OBWHolden Sunshine 997 OBW
Holden the Tradition 421 OBWHoos Haven 690A OBWHotel California 646 OBW
Inn Da' Loose 795 OBWIsland Point 1335 OBWIsland Time All the Time 1217 OBW
It's 5 O'clock Somewhere 579 OBWIts All Good 415 OBW
Jeans Dream 977 OBWJt's Crab Shack 397 OBW
Kingsbury Interlude 643 OBWKizzy's Place 418 OBWKnot a Problem 229 OBW
Lamorna 705 OBWLanding 1009 OBWLangeland 1309 OBW
Last Splash I 1237 OBWLast Splash II 1239 OBWLobster Mobster 160 Greensboro
Lothlorien 833 OBWLotto Fun 537 OBW
Making Memories 1215 OBWMermaids Wish 223 OBWMore Time 1362 OBW
Mullet Over 761 Ocean Blvd. WestMyers Moorings 365 OBW
Nightwind 1073 OBW
Oasis 713 OBWOcean Harmony 875-B OBWOcean Melody 875-A OBW
Ocean Palms 769 a OBWOcean Palms 769 B OBWOcean Palms 771 a OBW
Ocean Palms 771 B OBW Sand DolOcean Palms 773 a OBWOcean Palms 775 a OBW
Ocean Palms 775 B OBW, Catching ThOcean Sounds 1339 OBWOne Plum Crazy 200 OBW
Packed Inn 481 OBWPalm Beach 1365 OBWPeace and Quiet 1273 OBW
Peace on the Beach 529 OBWPelican Flight East 228 OBEPelicans Flight 613 OBW
Point of Views 156 SanddollarPom Breeze 746 OBW
Riley's Retreat 987 OBWRip Tide 207 W OBW
Sail Away 533 OBWSalty Kisses 559 OBW Formerly Camp HohoSand 'n Surf 923 OBW
Sandcastle 1329 OBWSandlapper 941 OBWSandsational 693 OBW
Sandy Cheeks 749 OBWSandy Feet 148 OBESea Biscuit 634 OBW
Sea Breeze 284 B Brunswick AveSea Life Differently 945Sea Link 1139 OBW
Sea Oats Villas Unit 106 My SunshineSea Oats Villas Unit 201 Seaside RetreatSea Oats Villas Unit 205 Endless Summer
Sea Oats Villas Unit 207Sea Witch 495 OBWSea-Esta Time 199 OBW
Sea'z the Dream 1363 OBWSeattitudes 603 OBWSecond Time Around 847 OBW
She Sells 1001 OBWShell Ease 873 OBWShell Seeker 843 OBW
Shore To Delight 1056 OBWShore To Please 1159 OBWShrimp & Grits 1068 OBW
Soak Up the Sun 361 OBWSouthern Belle 733 OBWSouthern Breeze 373 OBW
Southern Comfort 695 OBWSouthern Exposure 641 OBWSouthern Heritage 687 OBW
Spindrift 323 OBWSugar 'n Spice 827 OBWSummer Breeze 1121 OBW
Summer Manor 1210A OBWSummertime 913 OBWSun Chaser 109 Marsh Walk
Sundance 943 OBWSunny Delight 865 OBWSunset Dreamer 963 OBW
Tapawingo 523 OBWTeacher Recess 307 Sand PiperThat's a Moray 1003 OBW
That's It 901 OBWThat's It II 1345 OBWThat's It Three 1125 OBW
The Beach House 777 OBWThe Blue Monkey 1321 OBWThe Holden Years 139 OBW
The Last Resort 249 OBWThe Tides That Bind 1013 OBWThe Wb 248 OBW
The West End 1366 OBWTime Out 809 OBWTo the Rest-Q 957 OBW
Toadally Relaxin' 288 W BrunswTons of Fun 163 OBWTurtle Shack 244 OBW
Wacky Pelican 1161 OBWWave Watcher 1213 OBWWhimseagull 273 OBW
Whitecaps II 379 OBWWind Song 207 E OBWWright Relaxin' 690 B OBW
Write Off the Beach 640 OBW
Yachtsman 779 OBW
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