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Hobbs Realty, located in beautiful Holden Beach, North Carolina, is your best choice for beach rentals. We cordially invite you to experience the natural beauty of North Carolina's premier family vacation destination. The rocking chair is an indication of the relaxed pace you are going to encounter when you come to Holden Beach. Discover the simple coastal pleasures of this family-oriented oasis and the perfect setting for your next vacation. Just you, the family, and 11 miles of sandy, sub-tropical beach - there is plenty to go around.

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Holden Beach, the vacation jewel of the Brunswick Islands, offers more than 11 miles of white sand beaches that invite you and your family to discover the natural beauty of this barrier island. Great fishing, beachcombing, boating, birding and water sports are only a few of the pleasures that await you here on Holden Beach. Hot summer days, warm sultry nights and uncrowded beaches are the perfect combination for relaxation. Come watch the dolphins from the best seat in the house, your rocking chair on your own deck.

We are very blessed here at Holden Beach for many reasons, one of which is that we are a nesting beach for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. The Loggerhead starts nesting on our beach at night in mid May and continues to nest thru August and sometimes into September. The babies start hatching in July, continuing into October. Kick off your shoes and discover for yourself why Holden Beach Rocks!

Discovering Holden Beach, Brunswick County and the surrounding area must take a long time as many of our guests keep coming back year after year. Holden Beach vacations certainly are special - call 1-800-655-3367 or book securely online to reserve your rocking chair on Holden Beach today.

Last Minute Weekly Specials!

Rip Tide 207 W OBW (Apr 19)Was: $710
3 Bedroom Oceanfront DuplexNow: $635
Holden Dreams 1299 (Apr 19)Was: $2,400
6 Bedroom Oceanfront HouseNow: $1,895
Double D 313 Windswept Way (Apr 19)Was: $2,155
4 Bedroom Waterway HouseNow: $1,940
Always Chillin' 129 Ferry (Apr 19)Was: $1,375
5 Bedroom Waterway View HouseNow: $1,275
Peace and Quiet 1273 (Apr 19)Was: $2,200
6 Bedroom Oceanfront HouseNow: $1,975
The Blue Monkey 1321 (Apr 19)Was: $4,495
8 Bedroom Oceanfront HouseNow: $3,995
Ocean Palms 769 a OBW (Apr 19)Was: $895
3 Bedroom Oceanfront DuplexNow: $775
Rip Tide 207 W OBW (Apr 26)Was: $710
3 Bedroom Oceanfront DuplexNow: $635
Peace and Quiet 1273 (Apr 26)Was: $2,200
6 Bedroom Oceanfront HouseNow: $1,975
Wind Song 207 E OBW (Apr 26)Was: $710
3 Bedroom Oceanfront DuplexNow: $635
Double D 313 Windswept Way (Apr 26)Was: $2,155
4 Bedroom Waterway HouseNow: $1,940
Holden Dreams 1299 (Apr 26)Was: $2,400
6 Bedroom Oceanfront HouseNow: $1,895

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